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May 23, 2021

Meet "Late For The Train" and The Wombat


In this first episode (and maybe the last) you'll meet Laura Benson and Dave Pascoe. They are the two founding members of Late For The Train, an indie-folk string group rooted in American folk and bluegrass music. Based in Northern California, these extremely talented singer-songwriter, musicians provide a playful and poignant musical experience that uplifts your spirit and rouses your soul. And Gramps needs that! Learn their origin story and how much Dave is into sustainable farming. You'll also hear about Laura finding "her people." Most importantly, learn the difference between a violin and a fiddle.

 Gramps also talks to himself. But in this case, he calls his 18-year old self who just signed up for the Selective Service in 1969. 1969 Lou is a bit suspicious, and rightly so.
 And then, of course, there is the wombat.