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September 11, 2021
Hanging With Hank - Episode 2

This episode seeks feelings. Listeners will hear the music of Antsy McClain. And, if you don't experience feeling listening to Antsy's music, please seek medical attention immediately. Listeners will also hear stories about one firefighter's experience related to line-of-duty deaths.

On this, the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I talk with long time friend and former firefighter colleague, Dr. Henry T. Christen. But for those of us that have known him for a half-century, we just call him Hank. Hank shares his stories, both tragic and amusing, through his tapestry of words. Both a public safety professional and expert and a life-long academic, he has also been known to , well... 'make shit up.' But, not during this hour-long episode. This hour is about truth and feeling.

You will also hear the wonderful music of singer-songwriter Antsy McClain. He was kind enough to allow me to to use his often thought-provoking and very often witty lyrics and melodies that you find yourself humming for days. You can find more of his music, as well as his art and writing at I highly recommend that you check it out. Oh, and take a moment to hear and sample his latest critically acclaimed album, "Late Bloomer."